Tellico Community Players
A Proud Member of the American Association of Community  Theater
Tellico Community Players is a Non-Profit 501 (c) 3
304 Lakeside Plaza Loudon, TN 37774 - 865-657-3609
Tickets go online the 30 day first Monday at noon prior to opening performance, Box Office opens the Monday before opening

Tellico Community Players

A Proud Member of the  American Associaton of Community Theater AACT
Tellico Community Players is a Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) 
304 Lakeside Plaza, Loudon, TN 37774
Tickets go onsale onl
Box Office Hours Main Stage Productions  10 AM - 2 PM ten days prior to opening night (closed on major holidays) 

Open Auditions

for the TCP Readers’ Theatre Production of

Charlotte’s Web will be held on

Monday, August 12 @ 7 PM;

Tuesday, August 13 @ 4PM; and Wednesday, August 14 @ 7 PM

at the TCP Playhouse.

Many roles available!

You need attend only one audition.

For additional information contact

Gail Link 865-657-3014 or

Debbie Mayberry 865-458-7929.



Production                                                                                                                       Casting a production of E. B. White's Charlotte's Web for Tellico Community Players.  The story, based on the classic children’s book, features all of the unforgettable characters, coming to life for young audiences in a readers’ theatre production.

Audition Information

Dates- Monday, August 12 @ 7 PM; Tuesday, August 13 @ 4 PM; and Wednesday, August 14@ 7PM

Location- Tellico Community Playhouse in the Patricia Smith Theatre, 304 Lakeview Plaza, Loudon, TN 37774.


Details- This TCP Playhouse production is the first play our company has produced especially for children. We plan to present it free of charge as a gift to the families

and youth of our community. It will be a modified readers’ theatre presentation that will require limited memorization and movement. Candidates will be required to participate in a cold reading from the script. Strong candidates will display their vocal talent by using unique vocal characteristics for different roles; by demonstrating their use of variety in pitch, intonation, speech rate, and volume to portray their character; and by adapting their own voices to fit the situation of their role, whether it is youngster or adult, human or animal.


Story Outline                                                                                                                       The story begins when a young girl named Fern rescues a runty piglet, raises it as her own and names him Wilbur. However, after Wilbur grows into a pig, she is compelled to sell him to her Uncle Homer Zuckerman down the street. At Zuckerman's barn, Wilbur meets a host of animals and later learns from them that come winter, he is destined to become breakfast bacon unless someone saves him from that fate. Fearing for his life, Charlotte, a gentle and wise spider who befriends the lonely Wilbur, vows to save his life and sets about doing just that in her own special way.





Cast of Characters


 A flexible ensemble group consisting of the following roles:


Fern Arable - a female to play young girl; loyal and loving girl who is Wilbur's human protector;

John Arable - male; a farmer and father to Fern

Martha Arable-female; a farmer’s wife and mother to Fern and Avery

Avery Arable- male to play a young boy; a young brother to Fern

Homer Zuckerman - male; a friendly farmer; Fern’s uncle

Edith Zuckerman- female; caring wife of Homer;

Lurvy- male; a hired hand on the Zuckerman farm

Wilbur - male or female; a young pig; naive at first, eventually courageous; he is loveable, curious about the world, and a true friend

Templeton -male; wily, gluttonous, and selfish rat who can occasionally be talked into a good deed

Charlotte- female to play a spider; she is Wilbur's barnyard guardian angel; she is smart, resourceful, and wise, and a true friend to Wilbur.

Goose (female), Gander (male), Sheep (m or f), Lamb (m or f)- barnyard animal ensemble who are friends of Wilbur

Chorus of 3 Narrators- male or female; enthusiastic storytellers to the young audience

Story Extras- Reporter, Photographer, Spectators, Judges, Fairgoers, Announcer, Uncle (a pig), Young Spiders (voices only)



Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations

Rehearsals are scheduled to begin on Tuesday, September 3, at 7 PM at the TCP Playhouse.  This is a mandatory meeting for all cast and crew members.  The rehearsal schedule will be distributed at this meeting.  We generally rehearse on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays in the evening.

Production dates for Charlotte’s Web are October 18 (an evening performance) and October 19 (two performances).


Producer Gail Link-

Director Debbie Mayberry-