Tellico Community Players
A Proud Member of the American Association of Community  Theater
Tellico Community Players is a Non-Profit 501 (c) 3
304 Lakeside Plaza Loudon, TN 37774 - 865-657-3609
Tickets go online the 30 day first Monday at noon prior to opening performance, Box Office opens the Monday before opening

Tellico Community Players

A Proud Member of the  American Associaton of Community Theater AACT
Tellico Community Players is a Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) 
304 Lakeside Plaza, Loudon, TN 37774
Tickets go onsale onl
Box Office Hours Main Stage Productions  10 AM - 2 PM ten days prior to opening night (closed on major holidays) 

Tellico Community Players

Prime Time Players’ Audition/Sign-Up Announcement

2018 School Tour Sign-Up – Friday, February 9, 10:00 AM at the TCP Playhouse

Our 2018 School Tour, entitled “Once Upon a Mountain,” features the dramatic literature and music of the artists of the Appalachian Mountains. As in years past, our theme-oriented programs are composed of both prose and poetry that our adult readers interpret in our own special way for our student audience. Since 2010, the Prime Time Players have taken our readers’ theatre productions to schools throughout the surrounding counties. Last year, we entertained enthusiastic youngsters in Loudon and Monroe County elementary schools with our program “Waldo the World Traveler.”

Everyone is welcome to join our production; no experience is necessary. In readers’ theatre, we practice the art of oral interpretation which uses voice, facial expressions, and gestures to convey the meaning of the literature being read aloud. Readers’ theatre takes much of the anxiety out of stage performance, since there are no lines to memorize and very little movement to execute.

We do ask that you commit to rehearsal and performance schedule. Rehearsals will be held at the Tellico Community Playhouse in Lakeside Plaza. Rehearsal time will run from 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday beginning February 12. Productions will be scheduled for March 5-9 during school hours. Please check your calendars and make sure these times and dates are open and free of obligations. Your reliable attendance is a vital element in the success of this team effort.

Questions? Contact Debbie Mayberry (865-458-7929 / ) or Joan Taylor (423-884-6066/

PLAY ON: February 22-24, March 1-4

Set in the present - day on the stage of a local community theatre, is the hilarious story of a theatre group trying desperately to put on a play in spite of maddening interference from a haughty author who keeps revising the script.

Act 1 is a rehearsal of the dreadful show, Act II is the near disastrous dress rehearsal  , and the final act is the actual performance, in which anything that can go wrong, does. When the author decides to give a speech on the state of the modern theatre during curtain calls, the audience is treaded a madcap climax to a thoroughly hilarious romp. Even the sound effects reap their share of laughter. The play will be directed by Sue Aukerman.

Director Sue Aukerman  Asst Director Dennis Loy   Producer Phil Geyer

For more information contact us via the website, or email us at



Cast for Neil Simon’s Fools

Director: Patrick McCray

Producer: Len Willis

Asst. Director: lyn Cozadd

Leon Tolchinsky                Ben Hatmaker

Snetsky                              Mary Gene Brancik

Magistrate                         Stephen Drew

Slovitch                             Neil Bennett

Mishkin                             Jo Beliles

Yenchna                           Cindy Archer

Dr. Zubritsky                    Len Willis

Lenya Zubritsky              Debbie Mayberry

Sophia Zubritsky            Gwyn Doppelt

Gregor Yousekevitch     Jake Yount