Tellico Community Players
A Proud Member of the American Association of Community  Theater
Tellico Community Players is a Non-Profit 501 (c) 3
304 Lakeside Plaza Loudon, TN 37774 - 865-657-3609
Tickets go online the 30 day first Monday at noon prior to opening performance, Box Office opens the Monday before opening

Tellico Community Players

A Proud Member of the  American Associaton of Community Theater AACT
Tellico Community Players is a Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) 
304 Lakeside Plaza, Loudon, TN 37774
Tickets go onsale onl
Box Office Hours Main Stage Productions  10 AM - 2 PM ten days prior to opening night (closed on major holidays) 

PLAY ON: February 22-24, March 1-4; Director, Sue Aukerman

Set in the present - day on the stage of a local community theatre, is the hilarious story of a theatre group trying desperately to put on a play in spite of maddening interference from a haughty author who keeps revising the script.

Act 1 is a rehearsal of the dreadful show, Act II is the near disastrous dress rehearsal  , and the final act is the actual performance, in which anything that can go wrong, does. When the author decides to give a speech on the state of the modern theatre during curtain calls, the audience is treaded a madcap climax to a thoroughly hilarious romp. Even the sound effects reap their share of laughter. The play will be directed by Sue Aukerman.

Congratulations to the cast of   Play On..

Geraldine “Gerry” Dunbar                                                                    Ku Adams

Aggie Manville                                                                                     Jean Mallett

Louise Peary                                                                                        Sue Mertens

Phyllis Montague                                                                                  Joan Dorsey

Henry Bendish - “Lord Dudley”                                                            Doug Banister

Polly Bendish - “Lady Margaret”                                                          Marlyce-Jean Dezzutti

Billy Carewe – “Stephen Sellers”                                                         James Dotson

Violet Imbry – “Diana Lassiter”                                                            Sauni Rinehart

Saul Watson – “Dr. Rex Forbes”                                                         Joel Bonnan

Marla “Smitty” Smith – “Doris the Maid”                                              Doris Ryan

Director Sue Aukerman  Asst Director Dennis Loy   Producer Phil Geyer

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The Word Players in conjunction with the Tellico Community Players are putting on the play See Rock City; it is the sequel to The Last Train to Nibroc. It will be performed in the Tellico Community Playhouse, Patricia Smith Theatre.

Performance dates are January 5,6,@ 7:30 and January 7, @ 1:30. Tickets go on sale online  December 4, at noon.