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Tellico Community Playhouse's upcoming play, The Puzzle with the Piazza, was written by Memphis native Mark Dunn (who grew up behind Graceland). As the author of over 25 full-length plays, and a novelist and non-fiction author, Mark has a strong interest in telling the stories of Southern women and bringing them to life on community, college, and high school stages.

Van Choc Straw was one of Mark’s many audio plays, about the tenuous family ties and the often stronger bonds of friendship that lattice the final years of our lives. During the pandemic, Mark took the characters and plot elements of Van Choc Straw and completely rewrote this comedic drama as The Puzzle with the Piazza.

In Mark's words, he “did something I've never done before. I killed a play. Van Choc Straw, which I wrote twenty years ago, is no more … And like its earlier incarnation, The Puzzle with the Piazza is still about working a very large jigsaw puzzle!”


Come to the Tellico Community Playhouse on Friday, June 23 at 10:00 a.m. 

ready to play!

Learn about performing! Spend an exciting two hours having fun with the basics of Readers' Theatre. You will learn the difference between readers’ theatre and conventional theatre. We’ll take a quick trip through its history, stage fundamentals, and warm up techniques. Throughout the class, you will have an opportunity to practice your skills (only if you decide to).

Please join us dressed in comfortable clothing and wearing a big smile.




The signup sheet for this training session is on the Tellico Community Players website -

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t was with much sorrow that we learned last week of the passing of Robert Douglas (Doug) Banister. Doug loved acting, and in addition to participating in Readers' Theatre School Tour, Doug played many roles for the Tellico Community Players, including Henry Bendish in Play On!, and Stanford P. Sutton in 37 Postcards. He perfected a British accent that somehow made it into every character he played.

The Tellico Community Players would like to thank everyone who has made a memorial donation to TCP in honor of Doug. We truly appreciate the thoughtful way you have chosen to remember Doug while supporting our organization that meant so much to him.

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Joel Bonnan. Judie Douglas, Samantha Simpson, Shae Lenoir, Marshall Stone

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January, 2023

Rehearsals for Arsenic and Old Lace are well underway...

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